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Spring In The Woods • Wednesday, April 29th

It has been a crazy two months with the Coronavirus – COVID19 – forcing everyone to stay home, the weather not knowing whether to snow or rain, to stay winter or change into Spring and walking outside only allowed when distanced from others by an acceptable minimum of six feet.

I suggest that you get out into natural spaces – the woods are now, at the lower elevations, snow-free. The leaves are beginning to bud out but the strengthening sun is still able to warm the forest floor, encouraging the ephemerals to poke through the duff! Sunlit areas are showing signs of Dutchman’s Breeches, Bloodroot, Squirrel Corn, Wild Columbine, Trillium, Painted Trillium, Trout Lily and of course wild ramps!

Take any number of wonderful guide books and go for a pleasant hike. Stop to look at these beautiful flowers in greater detail. They are inviting a host of insects that have suddenly come to life, to pollinate their lovely display. They do this in hopes of winning the race to set seed before the leaves shade them from the sun’s energy.

And if you enjoy foraging from the wild garden, now is the time to collect wild ramps. They grow in patches of various sizes through-out the hardwood forest. Collect only from large patches and be mindful to leave a larger number than you take. When harvesting, dig down with a knife several inches and cut the roots, then pull out the liberated plant. There are numerous recipes on the web and the joy you will have as you eat the bounty you brought home is well worth the effort.

Nature is a welcoming respite from the worries you face on a daily basis, especially these days. Breathe in deeply, empty your mind, let your senses drink in the richness that surrounds you. You will come home refreshed and ready to face another day! HAPPY SPRING _STAY SAFE, STAY WELL AND STAY SANE!

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