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Source: Half-Hour Notice by Mary Glenn Haskins pg 40.

Have you ever wondered why the saying is:

Evening gray and morning red, sends the traveler wet to bed
Evening red and morning gray, sends the traveler on his way!

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight
Red sky in morning, sailors take warning!

Weather moves from west to east around the globe, travelling at the rate of approximately 600 miles in 24 hours. When the sunset turns the western sky red, it is because the normal dust in the atmosphere blocks the blue rays and reflects the red rays of the sunlight thus the weather coming from that direction will be dry. Water condensing on dust particles during a clear night produces fog and a gray morning. Thus a red evening and a gray morning both indicate fair weather.

But if there are banks of clouds to the west, the rays of the sunset are blocked and it is gray. He morning sunlight shines red through the dusty atmosphere, and you know fair weather is eastward and wet weather is coming toward you from the west.

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