The following Exordium presentations are based on HANDS-ON NATURE  a compilation of  topics from an environmental education/natural science program that was originally designed and taught by the staff of Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS).

Children learn best when actively engaged in the learning process and enjoying themselves doing it. The activities in these lessons encourage inquiry and allow for discovery. Children are invited to look more closely, ask questions and explore freely.

Each lesson includes a variety of activities that may include – drawing, writing, creating models, sorting and classifying, role-playing and much more – with the hope that every child will feel the joy of success.

The lessons can be presented in 1 and 2 hour segments. They are grouped to be presented as segments of specific themes over a longer period of time or as a stand-alone lesson. If variations or specific content is requested, lessons can be modified.

Many of the sessions can encompass field trips and outings to specific habitats or nature sites. This can be discussed at the time of booking to ensure that seasonal accessibility and safety considerations are observed.

  Lessons in Educating Out-Of-Doors
Level 1: Introduction to Lessons in Educating Out-of-Doors (L.E.O.)
1 Credit Course in Teacher Training
Instructor: Kurt Valenta, MEd

Course Cost : $275

Course Description:
Lessons in Educating Outdoors (L.E.O.) will take you step by step through the process of transforming your schoolyard into a rich learning environment. You will gain confidence for stepping into the outdoors by learning how to apply an integrated cross-curricular lens to your curriculum. Using the natural world’s variety of materials and habitats you will be able to craft experiential-oriented lessons that are meaningful, place-based and inquiry-driven thereby strengthening the skills your students will need to meet 21st Century learning objectives. You will use your own school site, constructing lessons by incorporating the familiar as well as accessible. Resulting lesson plans will meet educational objectives and State standards for the elementary classroom.

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Course Description LEO Level 1
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  Nature Camps
Summer Camps

Summer camps are designed for specific age groups and can be theme based or have activities that cover a wide range of learning concepts and interests. Primary focus is an exploration of the outdoors and its denizens though hands-on activities, exploration, art and just plain fun.

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Participants will get one-on-one instruction along with hands-on demonstrations, gaining new skills through "learning by doing".

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